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An inside-out approach to brand building.

we craft strategies that genuinely resonate, ensuring each brand touchpoint is a true reflection of its essence. Join us in shaping authentic and impactful brands.

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Our work flow

Our process unfolds across several key phases.


Discovery & Insights

We initiate our process by diving deep into your brand, understanding its essence, challenges, and potentials.


Ideation & Brainstorming

Harnessing creativity, we brainstorm concepts, ensuring they align with your brand’s vision and objectives.


Strategy Formulation

Strategically planning each step, we define a clear path forward, setting the foundation for success.


Design & Conceptualization

Our creative team translates strategic insights into tangible designs, crafting a visual narrative for your brand.


Prototyping & Testing

Before full-scale implementation, we prototype solutions, allowing us to test and refine for optimal results.


Implementation & Execution

With a defined plan in place, we seamlessly execute the strategy, bringing the brand vision to life.


Review & Feedback

We value collaboration and input, iterating based on feedback to ensure the end result meets expectations.


Launch & Monitor

Upon project completion, we ensure a successful launch and continually monitor results for ongoing success.

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Every endeavor is pursued with unwavering dedication and a relentless pursuit of perfection, ensuring that our output consistently resonates with quality, relevance, and impact.

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At Lantid Creative, we prioritize an inside-out approach, ensuring that the brand's intrinsic values and vision are at the forefront. This ensures that our branding not only looks good but genuinely resonates with the intended audience, offering authenticity in every touchpoint.

We utilize a comprehensive brand guideline system, detailing everything from color palettes to typography. This ensures consistency across digital, print, and other mediums. Moreover, our team always keeps updated with platform-specific best practices to maintain brand integrity.

Client collaboration is crucial for us. We schedule regular check-ins and feedback sessions during the design phase, allowing for iterative refinements. Our goal is to ensure that the final output is both innovative and aligned with the client's vision.

No worries! Our initial discovery phase is designed to understand your business deeply and collaboratively. We'll provoke discussions about brand nuances, industry trends, and future ambitions to help shape a direction that feels right and holds potential.

Our Clients

We've built solutions for 150+ Happy Client

We've delivered tailored design and branding solutions to over 150 satisfied clients, cementing our reputation for excellence and client-centric service."


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Harold G.

Owner of Urban Fashion

We were impressed by Lantid's ability to turn our vague ideas into a solid, compelling design concept. Their attention to detail is impeccable.

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